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Automated course evaluation systems

Areas of Use

A great teacher knows how to listen

Anyone who gives courses or classes knows that feedback from participants is invaluable. To be able to automatically measure, analyze and report on the quality of the course in an efficient manner is crucial. A large number of Webropol’s customers are organisations that Work in the training and education sector. Universities, schools, colleges, coaching and consultancy agencies and training institutes – they all use Webropol as a tool for improvement. Why aren’t you?

In Finland, almost all universities and polytechnic schools use our course feedback system, which has been developed in cooperation with Finnish educational institutions and universities. Webropol use industry leading systems to keep data manageable, private and secure!

Try The Intelligent Course Feedback System

Managing academic course feedback for hundreds, or even thousands, of different courses and their participants, can be quite a task. Not only getting it done but getting it done right can be a challenge. When working with a large number of courses, participants and teachers, you can make huge savings in resources by automating course evaluations. Our system allows you to systematically and reliably collect and manage feedback.

In our automated systems we have put special emphasis on these important aspects:

  • Continuous and automatic data collection
  • Automatic reporting process
  • Usability
  • The respondents’ privacy
  • Security of data

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