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Customer service and customer feedback gathering

Areas of Use

Customer Service: How to create a successful customer feedback survey

Good customer service consists of many different factors, of which customer experience is the most important. Collecting customer feedback helps you measure and improve the quality of customer service.

Collect customer feedback both continuously and every six months

In the Webropol Survey&Reporting feedback system, you will find a complete customer feedback form and questions for measuring the quality of customer service, based on which you can start building your own customer feedback survey. Collecting customer feedback and reaching customers with the Webropol feedback system can be done in many different ways.

  • Customer feedback via email
  • Customer feedback form on the website
  • Automatic collection of customer feedback in connection with purchase transactions
  • Real-time customer feedback with the WOTT feedback device

This is how you build a customer feedback survey that results in improved customer service quality

  • Build a customer feedback form from the customer’s point of view and add a custom metric to each customer point meeting point
  • In addition to more detailed questions, it is also important to measure overall customer satisfaction so that you can analyze what matters most to overall satisfaction.
  • Add one open question where you ask what good customer service was, and the other where you ask what the customer would like to improve
  • Do not forget the background information at the end of the form to make the best way to compare customer groups

Automatic alerts from the Webropol feedback system send information to your email if the customer has been exceptionally disappointed or dissatisfied. This will help you quickly respond to problems that affect your quality and service quality.

Webropol VIEW – a new way to keep track of all the key performance quality metrics in a single view

If you need customer feedback from many different sources to keep up-to-date with the quality of your customer service in different business areas, the Webropol VIEW, launched in spring 2018, is the right solution for you. VIEW allows you to combine important key performance metrics from multiple reports and data sources into one clear conversion view. This makes it easy for management to keep track of the results.

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