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  • Our customers range in size from organisations with 1 employee to over 160,000 employees
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  • • Continuous development to ensure our products are user friendly and secure

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Meet your customers’ needs with Webropol online market research tool

What do people think about your products, services or ad campaigns? And why do some customers choose your products and some your competitors’? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, then you should get to know the market, and Webropol, a bit better!

Webropol is an easily implemented business tool with a wide range of features that will save you considerable amounts of time and money. Market research is very useful especially when the company is new, at a crossroads, or about to launch a new product. It provides information on how well an existing product or service works and bring to light areas that could be improved. It is also the perfect way to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns or sponsorships.

By regularly conducting the same measurements with the same sample group you reveal changes in attitudes and trends over time, and how loyal customers are to a particular brand or company.

Market research provides characteristics and requirements about your target audience´s

  • Awareness of the brand and/or the product
  • Customer needs
  • Buying behaviour
  • Package design
  • Product innovation
  • Pricing
  • Satisfaction / dissatisfaction
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking

Market research data collection and analysis with Webropol

Webropol is an easy-to-learn market research platform that enables you to implement demanding market research quickly and easily – from data collection to analysis and reporting!

Advanced Questionnaires with Webropol

  • Comprehensive rules for questions
  • Randomization of questions and answer options
  • Versatile processing of background information
  • Collecting answers online and offline

Market research statistics and analysis tools

  • Text Mining – text analysis
  • Insight – simulation and prediction
  • Professional Statistics – fast cross-tabulation, marked by statistical significance by cell
  • Professional Statistics – targeting segmentation and cluster analysis

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