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Global Invest - Mass Surveying with Webropol

Case Studies From Webropol
Testimony from Roine Boman
Global Invest

The process and result of Global Invest’s first customer satisfaction survey

Following collaboration with Webropol Roine Boman, the CEO and one of the founding members of Global Invest, explains how his company benefited from the help and support they received from Webropol. “In June 2014 we teamed up with Webropol in order to conduct our first customer satisfaction survey. We have used and continue to use Webropol´s survey tool to send out invitations to customer events and follow-up surveys to monitor customer experience of the events”.

Global and Customer-orientated

Founded in 2000 Global Invest has provided financial advice to both individuals and business since its formation. Global Invest prides itself as being a customer-orientated company providing unique solutions based upon sustainability, performance and security. As an independent player in the financial market, it always selects the products that provide the best opportunities for its clients. Global Invest does not manage any of its own products and only works with the best that the market has to offer while receiving recompense from carefully selected partners primarily in the Nordic financial market.

Global Invest

Focus and develop

Roine goes on to explain what the project has signified and the actions they have taken based on the results. “We have already used and will continue to use the results from the customer survey internally. We have conveyed the results to all the staff involved in the process, highlighting both the areas we have performed well in and the areas we need to focus on and develop. In addition to this we have already taken steps to improve our service based on suggestions for improvement received from customers, such as the layout and content of our customer login page”.

Enormous advantage

Roine firmly believes that being able to understand what your customers think about your company and the services you offer in a tangible way provides an enormous advantage. He recognizes Webropol’s ability to conduct large surveys in an effective and effortless manner whilst providing detailed reports. This has enabled him and the company’s management team to work further with the results and support their development. When asked, “As a research tool what is Webropol’s best feature?” Roine’s response was short, swift and without hesitation “Easy to use and effective”.

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