Manage Social Distancing with Webropol Events Registration
The global coronavirus pandemic has bought about many changes to our daily lives and we have all had to adapt to an ever-changing new normal. [...]
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Does your survey tool store data outside of the EU, and is it really GDPR compliant?
Many people conduct surveys using free or freemium survey software. Freemium software provides basic functionality for free with advanced features [...]
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Webropol can help you to assess the impact of COVID-19 on your team
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all and as a result many of our daily lives and routines have changed dramatically. At Webropol we [...]
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The Importance of Competency Development
What is Competency Development? Competency Development is a way for an organisation to assess the strengths and development areas of a workforce. It [...]
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Why Live Feedback is the future of questionnaire reporting
What is Live Feedback? Reporting is a key part of any business. It’s an easy way to discover key insights plus evaluate the effectiveness of [...]
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How can watermelons help you to improve the performance of your service organisation?
Webropol have partnered with TOPdesk to deliver a solution which allows customers to automatically collect customer experience feedback about the [...]
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