The Importance of Competency Development
What is Competency Development? Competency Development is a way for an organisation to assess the strengths and development areas of a workforce. It [...]
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Why Live Feedback is the future of questionnaire reporting
What is Live Feedback? Reporting is a key part of any business. It’s an easy way to discover key insights plus evaluate the effectiveness of [...]
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How can watermelons help you to improve the performance of your service organisation?
Webropol have partnered with TOPdesk to deliver a solution which allows customers to automatically collect customer experience feedback about the [...]
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World Password Day
Thursday 2nd May 2019 is World Password Day! World password day serves as an annual reminder of the importance of cyber security and keeping our [...]
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IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter
International Women’s Day falls on Friday 8th March, providing the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. This year, the [...]
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This year, Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday 1st March, giving organisations everywhere the opportunity to show their employees that they are [...]
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