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  • Our customers range in size from organisations with 1 employee to over 160,000 employees
  • We provide a cost effective system without compromising on quality
  • • Continuous development to ensure our products are user friendly and secure

With Webropol, knowledge enables growth – the only online survey tool you will ever need.

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Additional Modules

Easy to use, quick and fun Webropol Analytics module

Transform the data you collect into knowledge and understanding! Webropol Analytics additional module makes Webropol Survey&Reporting unique. Drawing clear conclusions is easier than ever!

Webropol Analytics additional module includes:

  • Text Mining – qualitative analysis
  • Professional Statistics – quantitative analysis
  • Insight – predictive analysis

Text Mining – discover the essence from text answers

It´s easy to avoid the use of open-ended questions as the information gathered is time consuming to analyse, yet text answers often contain the most important information.

A solution has been developed.

Webropol Text Mining is a quick, reliable and objective way to process open-ended questions. With the solution, you can identify crucial themes, group and classify answers in order to analyse them in relation to other questions. This expedites the process and allows you to carry out several hours of work in minutes.

gathering analytics graphic
  • Speed – process large amounts of data with ease
  • The scale of analysis – analyse in depth from different angles
  • Objective – do not let individual answers affect answers, group your answers into themes instead

Professional Statistics – makes statistical analysis fun, easy and quick

Save time

  • Quick import of data
  • Interactive result tables allow you to instantly detect the most remarkable findings
  • Automated graph creation speeds up the reporting
  • Streamlined process: simply select the variables and the analysis in order to access results immediately.

Understand Your Results Better

  • Discover the most valuable respondent segments in no time
  • Find out the most influential factors to your area of development
  • Wide coverage of analyses and versatile options for visual reporting ensures top quality results

Effortless Statistical Analysis

  • Don’t waste time searching for functions; in Professional Statistics everything can be accessed through one screen
  • Logical value tables and interactive visual features make the results easy to interpret

Insight – simulate and predict

Webropol Insight is an analysis tool based on methods of statistical analysis, which does not require in-depth statistical knowledge. Webropol Insight is a unique tool for situations where information is needed to support decision-making or provide guidance on how to proceed in different situations. With Insight, you can process your data in a way that helps pre-empt challenges, allowing a team to act proactively. For this reason, Webropol Insight is an essential tool for example managers, directors, and board members.

  • See how changing one-factor affects other factors
  • Gain an understanding of what factors you should concentrate on to benefit from challenging situations, for example:
  • How to increase customer satisfaction despite an increase in prices?
  • How to strengthen the commitment of personnel despite cuts in expenses?
  • Understand how to encourage recommendations of your service, product or organisation among different interest groups

Basic Analyses:

t-test (independent groups and related samples)

Wilcoxon tests

Mann-Whitney U-test

Kruskal-Wallis test


GAP analysis

Variance Analyses:


Correlation analysis (Pearson, Spearman)

Cronbach’s α

Multidimensional Scalings:

Factor Analyses


Sammon analysis

Cluster Analysis:

Visual clustering

Hierarchical clustering

Regression Analyses:


Stepwise regression

Advanced Cross Tabulation Features:

Shows both percentages and average values

Indicates statistically significant differences

Automated chart creation

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