The most widely used online survey tool in the Nordic countries, with over 17 years of experience

Each year more than 30 million people answer surveys that have been created by over 70,000 Webropol users.

  • Our customers range in size from organisations with 1 employee to over 160,000 employees
  • We provide a cost effective system without compromising on quality
  • • Continuous development to ensure our products are user friendly and secure

With Webropol, knowledge enables growth – the only online survey tool you will ever need.

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Additional Modules

Automate surveys with Webropol-integrations

Webropol’s integration module enables the creation of the questionnaires, uploading background data to the surveys, sending the questionnaires, as well as exporting results and responses to other systems. The integration module enables automation of your surveys by connecting it to other IT solutions such as CRM, HRM, ERP or accounting systems.

A new dimension to your CRM, HRM, ERP or accounting system

  • Store the data in Webropol, view the data through the CRM customer or contact card
  • Transfer information from strategic information systems to Webropol and from Webropol to your information systems

The biggest benefits when your system is connected to Webropol

  • Automatically upload background data to questionnaires in Webropol
  • Send individual questionnaires based on a transaction in your CRM, ERP or HRM system
  • Customers’ opinions from the Webropol questionnaires updated directly to customer cards in CRM
  • Store customer opinions in Webropol, view the data from customer cards directly in your CRM system
  • Import data from your IT systems to Webropol and create key performance indicators for management

CRM-Integrated handling process

CRM integration through Webropol

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