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Hierarchy - enabling large organisations to manage surveys and reporting easily

Additional Modules

The Webropol Hierarchy is an additional module which is essential for successful surveys and reporting in large organizations

The additional Hierarchy module makes managing respondent administration easy in large organisations enabling flexible distribution of reports and data across the organization. Useful for large organisations with lots of employees across different department, a hierarchy can be used to organize respondents within Webropol and manage team or staff changes quickly.

Easy management and modification of the organizational hierarchy as the organization and teams are constantly changing and staff changes, as well as managing the history of the person moving / leaving, has been the starting point for developing the Hierarchy additional module.

Hierarchy – Organize teams and employees in an organization and share information

The hierarchy module is useful for large organisations as employees can be organized into different departments or teams, and the hierarchy structure is managed within Webropol survey and reporting, making it easy to distribute surveys to specific respondents within the hierarchy, and collecting answers quicker.

The hierarchy module can also be used to create filtered reports which contain information specific to different hierarchy levels, so that the data within reports or dashboards is filtered and appropriate for different teams or groups within the hierarchy structure, so employees have access to the right information.

  • The Hierarchy additional module can be used in all organizations, regardless of size, and hierarchy levels can be customized to meet customer needs
  • Manage respondent administration, distribute surveys and share reports and other access rights easily using the hierarchy
  • Webropol provides full support to design and create the necessary structure for your organization
  • Make changes to respondents or groups within Webropol using the system hierarchy or by using Microsoft Excel, which is a familiar tool for many
  • Ongoing improvements for increased functionality, consistent with all additional modules available for Webropol’s survey and reporting tool

Useful in all organizations where employees are divided into different teams or departments.
Public and private sector organizations or charities, from health services to sales organizations.

Hierarchy, survey and platform specific hierarchy

Hierarchy managers can only view the hierarchy report to which they have been granted access, not the entire organization report or the reports of other units ensuring that employees have easy access to the data which is appropriate to them.

Combine and filter reports into VIEW data centre if you have multiple surveys using the same hierarchy, e.g., an annual survey

  • Automatic user creation for viewing reports
  • Automatic distribution of reports to different hierarchy levels within the VIEW Data Centre
  • Can be used with 360 surveys or basic survey

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