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Webropol Whistleblower solution

Additional Modules

Anonymous notification channel in accordance with the EU directive

  • Free of charge for Webropol Case Management customers

Webropol Whistleblower is a Case Management solution based on the Whistleblower Directive adopted by the Council of the European Union on 19 October 2019. The directive will enter into force on 17.12.2021. The Directive provides protection for individuals who report offences or suspected violations in the course of their work.

Webropol Whistleblower notification channel:

  • SECURE, anonymous notification channel
  • EASY to manage
  • CONFIDENTIAL notification handling process

The notification channel reduces the risk of abuse and improves employee confidence in the work place.

Whistleblower solution free of charge for Webropol Case Management customers!

Our solution offers

  • A reliable anonymous channel for reporting abuse, violations, unethical behavior and other misconduct

Our solution enables

  • The notification channel, including the completed form, follow up pages and handling steps.
  • Two-way communication. As the case progresses, the notifier may clarify and complete their notification and may be asked additional questions.
  • The possibility for the notifier to follow the handling process with case-specific logins.

Whistleblower is enabled by Webropol Case Management

  • Free of charge for existing Case Management customers
  • If required, customer-specific Whistleblower process customisation is available

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