The most widely used online survey tool in the Nordic countries, with over 17 years of experience

Each year more than 30 million people answer surveys that have been created by over 70,000 Webropol users.

  • Our customers range in size from organisations with 1 employee to over 160,000 employees
  • We provide a cost effective system without compromising on quality
  • • Continuous development to ensure our products are user friendly and secure

With Webropol, knowledge enables growth – the only online survey tool you will ever need.

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Our Product

Webropol-specific solutions are wider entities than the Webropol query and reporting application.

Webropol concepts have been developed for a concrete customer solution. Concepts based on a Webropol survey and a reporting application that has been developed with additional features for one or more clients.

The specificity of Webropol concepts listed below is unique:

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