The most widely used online survey tool in the Nordic countries, with over 17 years of experience

Each year more than 30 million people answer surveys that have been created by over 70,000 Webropol users.

  • Our customers range in size from organisations with 1 employee to over 160,000 employees
  • We provide a cost effective system without compromising on quality
  • • Continuous development to ensure our products are user friendly and secure

With Webropol, knowledge enables growth – the only online survey tool you will ever need.

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Webropol lets you do everything from basic surveys to professional research. It’s a tool you can grow with – and we support you all the way. Our experienced consultants and support staff can take on every challenge you may have. For example, we help you design your surveys, define target groups, analyze data, and even conduct your whole project from start to finish. And much more. Try us, we have over 10 years of experience!

Get survey-smart with Webropol!

If you’re interested in learning more about the art of surveying, Webropol organizes a wide range of courses on how to get the most out of your surveys. We hold different classes at our offices worldwide, and if you prefer, we can come to your company and train you and your colleagues on location. Or, why not attend one of our web seminars? A Webropol course is often the most cost- and time-efficient way of becoming a survey expert yourself!

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